Live Across From the Capitol

by Everett McKee & Max Pavlovich




These songs were recorded live in a cozy living room across from the Capitol Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts, with the sounds of the busy streets alive and well.

Everett McKee - Vocals, Acoustic
Max Pavlovich - Acoustic, Vocals

All songs except "Come to Find" written and sung by Everett McKee. "Come to Find" was written and sung by Max Pavlovich. Max also performs backing vocals on tracks 1, 3, 5-8


released December 27, 2015

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Everett McKee Massachusetts

Everett McKee is a singer/songwriter out of New England.

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Track Name: Lonely Ghost
If you don't believe
In who it is you see
Just hold on
Just hold on

It's a brand new day
Nothing ever quite stays
The same old way
A brand new day

Lonely ghost creeping in
Through the bones of your pale moon skin
But, don't you let it lose your way
There's just love in the end
Hold on tightly to your friends

Open your eyes to see
All that's surrounding
Both you and me
The sunlight and trees

'Cause though I don't quite know
Where it is to go
I'm not here alone
I've got you to hold

Track Name: Comes and Goes
Lights shining on down
As I dance on around
Through the days that I can see
Being written, starring me
On a stage
Strong in the roots of a page
Edges being torn away

Trying to get ahead
In this race that I've never led
But, I know the faster I go
The quicker I get to the unknown
Creeping in
The darkest of light in my head
Push comes to shove in the end

Don't want to fall through this hole I've dug
All my thoughts swept beneath the rug
Sold off on the auction block
All the keys to these dreams I've lost

Lying alone in my bed
Hand in hand with the thoughts in my head
Comes and goes just like the wind blows
Pushing through all the ash I arose
Once again
Higher and higher I ascend
Watching the days quickly spin

Help me down before I fall
Spinning around, curled in a ball
Help me before I fall
Spinning around in a ball
Track Name: Grey Light
Grey light fighting on through once again
Tell me now, how am I not supposed to bend
'Cause on the run the fire in my heart grows cold
But, it's alright, I never felt quite at home

Gonna lay my ear to the ground
And listen for the sound
Of better days to come
And howl in the passing wind
You won't find me giving in
Gotta rise above

And memories now play of who I used to be
Old and broken like the branches of an ancient tree
But, I'm walking along this crooked path I've made
It may not mean much, but I'm gonna live it my way

Gonna break out of this crowd
Make my mark somehow
There's better days to come
Can't count all the times I've been
On the edge of giving in
Gotta rise above

Gonna lay my ear to the ground
And listen for the sound
Of better days to come
And howl in the passing wind
You won't find me giving in
Gotta rise above
Track Name: Come to Find
Come to find
That it's all been
All been done before
And living this life was becoming a bore
But you're something new
You're something true
There's something in everything that you do
Call me a fool, but I'm falling for you

Come to find
That it's all been
All been said before
Even my words becoming a chore
But this is my sin and this is my song
It carries on and on and on
It took all your love to show me I'm wrong
Track Name: So Lucky
Hello my friends
So lucky to meet you again
This isn't the end
I know that I'll see you on down the bend
But, don't let go
'Cause it's a bumpy road
A long path home

Living it up
Dancing beneath the summer sun
Filling my cup
Up to the top with your skinny love
Come on, let's go
Speeding down the road
Far away from home

High on a mountain ledge
Looking out so far ahead
Sharp as a razor's edge
The path enlightenment

Sailing away
On top of the ocean waves
My own trail I blaze
No shackles to keep me at bay
So off I go
A path I don't know
The earth beneath my toes

It's not out of reach
This life I so often dream
This chapter, this scene
It's not all that I want to be
So off I go
A dusty path below
Kicking up beneath my toes

Track Name: On the Run
I can't help but look into the sun
Always on the run
As the sky turns blue

I can't help but look into the sea
All I see is me
The reflection of a fool

But, it's all coming back to me
I finally feel set free
And, that's just what I need
Yeah, that's just what I need
Oh, you know, it's what I need

I can't help but look into your eyes
You whisper goodbye
Yes, another off to war

But, I can't see the world outside
Though, it's no surprise
I just sit behind this door


It's looking like the day is done
Down goes the sun
As the stars come out to play

And, I can feel the wind pass by
The moon in my eyes
As the clouds turn grey

Track Name: Paper Thin
Hollow wind
Blows back at me again
Harder than I remember it
Can't help but flinch

Paper thin
Right through my shallow skin
A spotlight brightly shining
For all to look in

Help me unfold
Stay uncracked in the cold
Stories untold
Can't be written alone

Fallen sick
Up to my neck of this
Lost in uneasiness
It's no place to live

So lost again
My mind is wearing thin
Cannot quite comprehend
This being the end

Track Name: Shake Your Bones
Shake your bones to the rhythm of
The thunder howling up above
Sing with laughter and share some love
Burn one down and drink it up

Humming loud with the radio
Cruising down these open roads
The summer sun burning through your clothes
The smell of freedom 'neath your nose

Sometimes I feel I'm standing on my head
Everything seems upside down again
But, I know that's not so
Gotta keep a straight head as I go

Collect all those who are looking low
And lift them up off their toes
Living together, connected souls
How this will end we'll never know

Time too soon seems to slip away
Sunrise, sunset from state to state
A brand new morning shining so grey
Off I go to carve my way